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You shouldn't have done that.
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
- Ben

Spread the word.

Always watching, no eyes.
- Operator

He is a liar.

He comes...
- Zalgo

This town is known as the grave site.
- Lavender Town Syndrom

Real suffering is not known.
- Suicide mouse

He died.
- Silver

Good things never last.
- Pikachu

'We stopped checking for monters under our beds,
when we realized they were inside US.'

We are not real, but we're still making your nightmares TRUE.'

I know it hurts inside,
but please don't say goodbye.
Don't leave us,
I promise I'll help you through this.

Sometimes I think of killing myself,
but them I say 'Just kill other people'.

Murdered them? No... You're mistaken. I set them free.

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